IoTaaP (Internet of Things as a Platform) is a connectivity platform for rapid development

Developing new hardware, just to prove that your business concept is right is expensive and it takes time! That’s why we give you the hardware that will help you to connect your product to the internet in minutes! It is powerful enough to be a part of your final product and simple enough to satisfy every learning process.

No maintenance Cloud

IoTaaP cloud supports various IoT applications, such as Mosquitto (MQTT broker), NodeRED, Grafana, InfluxDB. Have your own IoT cloud server in 5 minutes for only 10.99$ per month!

Learn By Doing

Connectivity is the future, are you excited? So are we! Go forward, express yourself and start your innovative journey today!

Visit the official IoTaaP website, now!


February 23, 2019
IoT, Gateway, Hardware, Platform