IoTaaP Console


The interoperability of IoT devices from different brands has become a real issue. If you take into account that you need to have a fully secured solution, scalable infrastructure, and reliable communication interface, you can quickly determine that it takes a lot of time to develop all of these solutions. But IoTaaP comes in place – IoTaaP console and infrastructure is a straightforward IoT cloud solution that will help you to manage every IoT system without worrying about security, scalability, and reliability.


  • IoT device management
  • Remote updates
  • Sync pulse
  • MQTT broker
  • Group remote updates
  • Device status and configuration
  • Data recording
  • Data management


  • Frontend: Angular, CSS, HTML, Grafana
  • Backend: Python, Node.JS, InfluxDB, MongoDB
  • Cloud: DigitalOcean instances, Ubuntu Server, Custom MQTT broker

The work

We developed a complete IoTaaP Console product and designed cloud architecture, frontend and backend, and databases. We are currently maintaining IoTaaP Cloud and its architecture.

The Outcome

IoTaaP is the 6th most used framework for IoT devices management, it is fully open source, and it is also available as a commercial solution.


December 4, 2022
iot, console, full-stack, node.js, angular