IoT for Fishfarms


Infections are causing huge losses in fish farms due to slow response and manual nitrite, nitrate, and pH monitoring. A system had to be developed to help mitigate this problem.


  • Measuring nitrite, nitrate, pH, ammonia, conductivity, turbidity
  • Cloud communication
  • Machine learning
  • Prediction of the infection
  • Alarming


  • Frontend: Grafana, IoTaaP Console
  • Backend: Python, Node.JS, InfluxDB, MongoDB
  • Cloud: DigitalOcean instances, Ubuntu Server,
  • ML: TensorFlow
  • Hardware: IoTaaP, Altium designer, PCB production, 3D printing

The work

We developed a complete solution, including hardware and software. Using gateways based on the open IoTaaP system, we connected various sensors to the IoTaaP Cloud platform. We developed custom algorithms for infection prediction and alarming. Grafana was used for visualisation

The Outcome

A fish farm IoT system is currently being implemented in a few fish farms.


June 28, 2022
iot, ml, tensorflow, grafana, iotaap
Al Jaraf Fisheries