GCloud (or Grunner Cloud) is our solution specially made for Grunner electric bikes. GCloud is a cloud platform based on Laravel and Vue.js that provides Route monitoring, remote control, fleet management, and, most important – predictive maintenance. Based on collected data using our modules and micro-services, GCloud will predict and visualize various data like battery state, SOC, SOH, estimated range, motor failure, battery capacity drop, and similar.


  • Predictive maintenance calculation
  • Communication with the remote bike
  • Geolocation
  • Bike tracking
  • Live to stream


  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • Custom server instances
  • MySQL databases
  • Direct streaming over WebSockets

The work

We developed a complete platform from the initial phase to the maintenance phase, support, and final handover.

The Outcome

The product was successfully handed over to Grunner Bikes company, and used by Arabco Smart Technology (UAE)

GCloud remote IoT analitycs and maintenance

smart remote fleet managemant


February 23, 2019
Cloud, grunner, laravel, vue.js
Arabco Smart Technology