MVT Solutions Group LTD and DHM Unite to Revolutionize Food Industry Digitalization

MVT Solutions Group LTD is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with DHM, the innovative force behind the Digital HACCP Manager, soon to be rebranded as Digital Horeca Manager. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our joint mission to transform the food safety and hospitality sectors through advanced digital solutions.

DHM, renowned for its pioneering application and cutting-edge sensors powered by iotaap, has been at the forefront of digitizing HACCP and other food industry standards. This partnership is a natural alignment of our shared vision to enhance the efficiency and safety of food handling and hospitality services.

Ivan Golubic, Co-Founder of MVT Solutions Group, and Marko Matijevic, the initial founder of the DHM project, both emphasize the synergistic potential of this alliance. “Joining forces with DHM is a strategic step towards realizing our goal of bringing comprehensive digital solutions to the forefront of the food industry,” says Golubic. Matijevic adds, “Our combined expertise will be pivotal in developing new technologies for sustainability, traceability, and overall digitalization in the food sector.”

This collaboration promises to deliver groundbreaking advancements for restaurant owners and the wider hospitality industry. Together, we are committed to developing innovative sensors, enhancing our application, and expanding our platform to cater to the evolving needs of food safety and sustainability.

We look forward to a future where our joint efforts make a tangible impact, setting new standards for digital excellence in the food industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together.

MVT Solutions Group LTD & DHM: Innovating for a Safer, Smarter Food Industry.