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Meet Mepigu

Mepigu is your virtual friend. Mepigu will support you in your daily struggles, help you to achieve your goals and remind you about deadlines. Mepigu is designed to help manage software and hardware businesses effectively. Many task management apps add features but with that they add clutter. We remove that. What is really important? To know what you do, who does it, at what stage is each task, what resources you need to deliver successfully and when it needs to be done. All task management apps sell you storage. But you already have that. We connect to your storage so all specifications and designs are there. Just add them to tasks and you’re ready to go. Mepigu automatically tracks time spent on open task. So no worries there. Managers can see daily reports so they know what is done at any time. For anyone who wants simple analytics there is short overview of investments and gains made from every project.


mepigu security

We do not share your data, copy your data or modify your data without your permission. We are constantly working on improvements to keep your data 100% secure all the time. You can always leave and ask us to remove all your data permanently. On Mepigu website and application all accounts are accessed over HTTPS (SSL), this is the same security standard used in banking. Your account is password protected and your password is hashed before being stored in the database. Nobody can read or use your password in any way. SSL certificate is provided by Sectigo Limited.


After almost 2 years of struggle with HW/SW development, we were looking for a simple and straight forward project management system. We have tried a lot of them, but they were either complicated, with too many features or without a smartphone app…Then we have decided to develop our own… That’s how Mepigu was created. As an introduction to upcoming IoTaaP (IoT development platform) release, we are releasing Mepigu – Simple, process-oriented task management for IoT & Embedded system professionals. Mepigu is designed to help manage software and hardware businesses effectively. Now we are able to track our expenses on hardware parts, stay always up to date with a mobile application and daily reporting. Mepigu isn’t only an application, Mepigu is our friend and supporter in our struggles!

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