flutter framework for applications

Hummingbird – revolution in cross platform application development


You probably have heard about Flutter, cross-platform development framework. With Flutter you are able to craft high-quality native experience for both Android and iOS. Even in MVT we are using Flutter for new product development. I really believe in successful story of this Google product.

Flutter is pretty responsive framework with really good written documentation, and huge community. Framework seems to be pretty stable since version 1, you can read on the web about looong beta testing. From my experience, even during beta testing, Flutter was pretty much stable.


Apps are written in Dart language, most of the developers will be familiar with OOP principle, and as I mentioned before, everything is pretty well documented. Flutter’s engine is written in C++ and it interfaces with platform-specific SDKs.

dart language


I personally think that this approach will finally end the war between developers. Imagine only one code, maintenance and testing process for both Android, iOS and Web (and probably much more).

From official blog it is obvious that Hummingbird will become available pretty soon. Most of the elements from Flutter Gallery are supported in Web Engine.

Probably there will be some limitations in first versions, and it’s better to wait until complete switch-over but in the future this framework will gave us a lot.