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MVT Solutions Group is a product builder company. Our team successfully designs and builds IT and IoT products from the ground up.

The founders

It all started with Ivan Golubic and Luka Beban, two enthusiasts interested in the same thing – technology. They shared a vision of creating an innovative company that would do one simple thing – build products that would change the World, and MVT Solutions was born in 2016. Ivan was still in college during that period. A few years later, Drazen Pehar, the first investor, joined the crew together with Vedran Blagus, a financial expert and voice of reason. In the upcoming years, our team grew, new business partners joined, and new projects came.

company buliding

The company

Since 2016 MVT Solutions Group has created noticeable products such as Grunner – The Worlds’s first smart electric bike, IoTaaP – Internet of things as a platform framework, various mobility solutions (BMS, navigation systems, propulsion systems), advanced software solutions, such as custom ERP system, personal training solutions, data aggregation software, and various confidential projects in cybersecurity and IoT sector.

The process

Our model is simple, we design and develop innovative products that become either a startup or new products on the market.

  • Feasibility study
    Researching possibilities, possible obstacles, market, and defining price
  • Specification
    Defining what will be delivered and in which scope
  • Prototype
    Creating first versions of the product as close as possible to the final product
  • Testing
    Developing test jigs, software tests, and final testing 
  • Manufacturing or handover
    Manufacturing documentation handover, software transfer and maintenance, production and certification
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