iot trends

4 IoT Trends

Internet of things was a pretty strange technology at some point, that was because the people didn’t know much about it. But now, that time has gone, IoT has become the technology of the masses. People are adopting IoT solutions, and they are even building their own IoT products.

Inter-connected Devices number

We are in the middle of the “revolution” that is called the Internet of Things development. As a result of this revolution, now we have an enormous number of smart devices today.

It is obvious that in the following year’s number of IoT devices will increase. Also, developers are working on existing devices to become more secure and better than ever before. We can think about some simple things like forks to become smarter. Everything around us will become more interconnected, this will lead us to better data sources that can be analyzed and it will help us to make better decisions.

Mobile phones and IoT

We carry this piece of IoT technology with us every day, our mobile phones are smarter than ever, but they are also providing better connectivity than ever. People are trying to connect their devices with everything so they do not have to use two devices at the same time and to be able to control devices remotely.

Future IoT devices will connect with our mobile phones and every IoT device would be expected to make a smart decision about connecting with our mobile phones.

Blockchain for IoT

Blockchain is a buzzword these days, we’ve all heard about it. Blockchain is offering a decentralized control option and it makes use of highly advanced cryptographic algorithms to develop a secure system.

IoT devices are facing security threat and blockchain sounds like an optimum solution to this problem. The decentralized system like blockchain will make difficult to compromise devices in the chain and this will make the system more secure.


IoT impact cannot be left unnoticed, no one can look away from it. Companies are looking for interconnectivity offered by IoT and they are adopting new business models.

Many new companies are building their whole business models based on top of IoT. Almost 90% of the companies are adopting IoT solutions and almost 98% of the companies believe that IoT could be a good solution.

The business world will invest trillions of dollars in the following years and investments will rise really high.